Tom Livne

Tom Livne

Co-Founder & CEO @ Verbit


Tom possesses vast experience with every aspect of the tech startup lifecycle, with a particular emphasis on SaaS business models.

Before founding Verbit, Tom was the Co-founder of AppInsight Inc., a mobile application security startup. Prior to that, he served as an associate at LeumiTech, a leading technology banking group.

Tom completed his Bachelor of Business Administration concurrently with is Bachelor and Masters of Laws (Cum Laude). He received his MBA specializing in High Tech Management and Entrepreneurship.


Founded in 2017, Verbit has secured $34M in funding to date.

Verbit harnesses the power of artificial and human intelligence to provide a smart transcription and captioning solution. Built on adaptive algorithms, it is the only technology that generates the most detailed speech-to-text files to provide over 99% accuracy, delivered at record-breaking speed. Verbit’s customized solution helps organizations maximize the potential of their audio and video files by making information searchable, accessible and actionable.