Yoav Evenstein

Yoav Evenstein

Consultant & Analyst @ Evenovate & Tel Aviv University

Yoav’s mission and passion is ‘Bringing R&D to life’ – helping organizations mature their ideas from basic research, to final products people love. He currently promotes this as a consultant on behalf of Evenovate as well as an analyst at Ramot – Tel Aviv University’s technology transfer company.

Regarding ‘The Future of Humanity/AI’ – As a Tech Transfer Expert Yoav advances mass adoption of AI technologies to enhance value creation, in part by acting as Israel’s representative within ISOs’ Artificial Intelligence International committee. Within this capacity Yoav also promotes awareness to societal concerns within the development of AI, in particular EBD (Ethical By Design) as a contributing member to IEC SG10.

Thinking about the future of humanity from an additional perspective, Yoav supports a cause he deeply believes in – sustainability; He does so as a board member at The Natural Step Israel.

Yoav is also a former Teaching-Fellow for ‘Data Science, Innovation & Strategy’ at Coller school of management, Tel-Aviv University and regularly advises start-ups, as well as more mature organizations, on their way to fruition.